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    Nutritionist developed

    Developed in partnership with nutritionists who specialise in female health
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    Researched in conjuction with 2 University studies focussed on Healthy Aging & developing new food & drink products
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    Keeping nutrition simple and delicious to help your mind and body feel positively Peachie through menopause

Introducing - Natalie

Natalie is a Registered Nutritionist with over twenty-two years experience working within nutrition, health, and lifestyle change.

Natalie provides a unique perspective combining human nutrition (human biochemistry, & nutritional health requirements) with lifestyle change, dietary planning, and health intervention.

Natalie holds a First-Class Honours degree in Human Nutrition, holds a Master of Research, and is currently studying for a PhD, as well as being a qualified Exercise Physiologist.

Outside of industry and academia, Natalie puts her nutritional and exercise knowledge into practice as a competitive bodybuilder.

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