It's a Feeling

It's time to feel positively Peachie about the menopause, one spoonful at a time


Ready to feel more you?

Menopause has always been seen as taboo - it's time to change this to meet our needs in a positive way. At Peachie HQ we've combined our love of good food with the nutritional know-how of experts. We make delicious tailored nutrition for the menopause. Our mission is to help us all feel a bit more Peachie.


  • Bespoke vitamin and wholefoods blend selected by our female health Nutritionist, Natalie

  • Delicious hand-baked recipe crafted by Linda, our Cordon Bleu Star Chef

  • One crunchy heaped spoonful packed with tailored benefits to help you feel more Peachie

Menopause - Sounds Tasty

Delicious, easy, nutritionist approved recipes


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