No more periods. Ever.

No more periods. Ever.

No more white trouser fear. 

No more rushing out of a room as you feel a leak.

No more feeling embarrassed at ripping open a tampon wrapper because of the woman in the cubicle next door. 

No more worrying about getting from the loo to the sink without anyone seeing your bloodied hands. 

No more cramps that effect days every month.  

Never able to have another baby

A step closer to the end 

A reflection of what you want to achieve while on earth. What will be your legacy. 

A monumental point. 

So much more free time. 

To enjoy the moment, experiences ,family, friends, food. 

A need to live well for longest time. The right balance of hormones. The right nutrition. The right support. 

The desire to feel Peachie.

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