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Peachie Gift Card

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    Peachie Gift Card


    Can I take other supplements/vitamins alongside Peachie?

    Yes! Just ensure to keep to the manufacturer labels/directions or the advise given by a health care professional.

    Can I eat this while taking HRT?

    Yes! None of the ingredients interact with HRT.

    When will I feel a difference?

    Your gut microbiome can change quite quickly which can improve digestion and bloating however this does depend on your whole nutritional intake (daily diet), activity, and stress levels.

    Can I eat more than one serving a day?

    You can, however it is always advised to eat a variety of foods to gain the full spectrum of nutrients and benefits from protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.

    Can my partner/daughter/family eat this too?

    Yes! There is nothing in Peachie that would not be suitable for your daughter or partner. However, due to the high vitamins and mineral content, it wouldn’t be advised to overconsume or for young children (just to be on the side of caution)


    Tastes amazing and so much easier than lining up all your seeds & vitamin tablets in the morning!

    Sue - Verve Festival goer

    What an amazing idea! Tastes like healthy pick & mix, could munch this all day



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